Chapter 1 : Sleeping is great – unless you woke up in the middle of the battle

Ore no ie ga maryoku supottodatta kudan ~ sunde iru dake de sekai saikyō ~
My house was a magic power spot – just living here makes me the world’s strongest

Chapter 1 : Sleeping is great – unless you woke up in the middle of the battle


“Those witches, this house maryoku was great but if I have to say, Isn’t it normal?”

Walking inside the house, there is no change at all, this was a house lovingly built in fifty years.
From furniture to household goods and everything, things are all the same as it is. Everything inside the house came into another world it seems.


Anyway, now that I came into another world, it can’t be helped
I don’t need to have to establish a way to live here.


“First, foods, clothes and shelter are necessary but…..”


There is a bed.
Clothes are also already in the closet
Food, I don’t know what happened to contents inside the refrigerator but, preserved goods and canned goods, and then a few months’ worth of rice.

-Hmn? Living here will not surprisingly be a problem

I was a bit expecting of a survival but, I still have sixty days.
In this sixty days grace period. I still can look for food to eat in this world.

“Fua…… Feeling relieved I became sleepy”

I wonder if there are sake, my head started to zone out.

Tomorrow is tomorrow, I will decide.
For the time being lets sleep and head to the room with futon.


And come here futon, after trying to sleep-


From the other side of the window, with a loud voice, several witches with canes came, I rush back going to look.
Well, to be precise, there was a chasing.

“Guo Ooooo Ooooo !!!”

Behind a girl, there was a dragon
Flying so as to creep through the forest, and sometimes, Landing a mass of flame into the witches on the ground.

“Don’t tell – me the emergency escape earlier, a flying dragon’s was nested there. – however, with the remaining maryoku, soon only several people will be able to escape, will it be alright”

“Witch Princess-sama! we wil keep it from here, please hurry and escape “

“Where should I go to escape? At the back is a magic of a monster, a flying dragon in front. And I already run out of maryoku. There are no escape to run. And also, before a woman I am also a Princess. Something like forsaking the country of my people is not an option. It is better to fall facing a dragon than that of a monster.


What a manly speech,,dokkan dokkan, was a sound I heard


I was lying on the futon.
Yet sound like a construction site was echoing outside

“ku…….fire breath!!……..the magic protection is becoming undone!”
“hime-sama! Hime-sama–!!”

“-no, it was worse than a construction site”

Don pachi don pachi, every time sound of bombs exploding can be heard.
And above all, it was making big vibrations.

“ku, anymore of this, it will be inevitable”
“Hi, Hime-samaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Not bear to hear the voice.


Buchiru, my head with a lack of sleep was caught in a fire.

But Really dumb guys coming over here is really annoying, but then I go out and open the window,

“Shut uuup! I was sleeping let me do it ~tsu ~tsu!!

I cried twice.

Shot with great force greater than a little while ago.



With a moment, a powerful storm than the previous, a vortex of magic is raging violently.


And the dragon while there was vomiting breath of flames,
also, several witches confronting it.

With my cry, those two, was both blown off together.

“Go~tsu… … O…!”

Especially huge body of the dragon seems to have decent in cladding shock.

“…… ~U……”

The huge body was nailed greatly into the ground, it can no longer move as it is.


Twice and trice this morning I don’t’ want to let out a loud voice anymore please.
My head already hurts. I’m already sleepy.

“Hi …… Uaa ……”

And also, those witches are scared with the same kind of posture a little while ago.

“My goodness …… leave quickly. I really want to sleep.”

With my words in disgust, the witches stood up sluggishly.
And, they are going away unsteadily,

“Oi wait, princess person or something”

“Hi ~ya āa~tsu!?”

The witch over there that was referred to as a princess, quivered magnificently was stopped on the spot.

“…..but, I was only called for you. “

But, the princess, while standing steam and liquid poured out of her crotch.

These witches. Peeing this much, you really need to take care of yourselves.
Don’t let it fall around my house

“I-I beg your kindness…. ….let it be just me, at least spare the life of my people”

“I don’t want to take your life so you don’t have to be scared. It’s just that, get this giant thingy here. Leaving that here it this place will become a nuisance.”

What should I say, the Majo Hime(witch princess) was wide-eyed

“The-the Wyvern? Even with veteran Adventurers surrounding it would not be able defeat it, it’s a fying dragon you know?”

“So what’s the problem?”

“It’s Scales is at a high price, the heart can be used as a magic catalyst with a higher value than a jewel. Such a treasure (flying dragon), are you giving it all to us?”

“So that’s why it’s a big deal”

Nothing in it for me, it was troublesome to leave this kind of giant thingy here In front of the house.
It’s already dead, that’s why it’s troublesome. It’s just a Giant garbage outside.

“I don’t care what you guys think, but I don’t need it. That’s why go and dispose it. And stay away here for a while, I will take it easy here and sleep. How nice.


And so, Majo hime (witch princess) is, touched the dragon holding a cane. And the dragon was just lifted.
its seems people use magic in this world too.

“I, my name is Dianeia Prussia Medisun. Prussia kingdom’s second princess. This kindness, I will return it someday. By- by all means, and get to remember the name, you saved us. ”

Witch princess seemed to be talking with some choice words.
I wonder what you are being scared of,

“Hurry up and go home.”
“F-fine! This gratitude certainly is yours, I will always remember”

And well that witch princess ran off vomiting words three times Villain like casting skeptical gazes, I came back in the house to the bed.


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Prologue: As I wake up, My Home is in another world

Prologue: As I wake up, My Home is in another world

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I woke up and I was in another world.

After work, came from a boring year-end party I ride the last train straight at home.

Although I fell asleep on the way to the telecom at the entrance of (2LDK one-story).

“Let me see…….?”(etto..?)

Where is this place?.

When I opened my eyes, outside the front door that was wide open it had become another world.

My house can be said to be far away from the station but it was not built in such a dense forest.

And also, there are no Dragons flying in the sky, I wonder if this was real.

I was half-asleep, but it really hurts when I pinched myself in the cheek.

–after, Half-asleep and my head also hurts.

At the front of the entrance, when I scrubbed my eyes, I heard a voice from the outside .

“Oh, That magic was tremendous”.

It is a high-pitched female voice. It resonates well because of the house is made of wood.

When looking with sleepy eyes. There was a woman with a triangular hat far away from the entrance.


“b-but Magus-sama(TL: not sure with this dai majutsu-shi-sama), with that amount of Maryoku, it is not close even with the Witch corps.”


“that, that’s right. This is more than expected, too strong! As of where to use it, you cannot even touch. as expcted, even if with the World’s Greatest cane Summoning limit of lay lines right” ( TL: this line is too much for me I really tried「う、うむ。これは予想以上に、強すぎる! これでは利用するどころか、触れることすらできない。流石、世界最高峰の杖があっても召喚が限界だった地脈だな……!」)

E, what is it with these witch girl cosplay people.


And there is this making gyagya something noise outside, the neighbor is being annoying only when it’s too early in the morning.

And what’s with me here with lack of sleep making my head hurts. A Kin Kin voice echoes in the ears.

It’s appearing and disappearing.

“From early in the morning, Shut up every each of you !!”

I yelled to Loudest involuntarily. In a moment—

“Kya a a tsu–!?”

A storm occurred in front of the eye.

Then, bathed in the wind, the witch were in a full blast blown away.

“…… a re?”

And even though I tried to rid of the voice out, what the hell is this.

Likely at least 10 to 15 people had crashed into the rear of the trees together were blown away.

“hii……wa…..what is…..that wa…….”

The witches stood up unsteadily, but the eyes looking here changed greatly

It’s like they are looking at a monster, such as the feel of fear in their eyes has become.

“I-I’m sorry………Please Don’t Kill me!!”

“fu, fue… … ~E……”

There are crying, There are exhausted, and some children are peeing.

With just an angry voice, it became a disaster.

“This, This is……ma, Magus-sama”

“That, That’s right, if this continues 、too much excitement and it will be bad! For a moment, time to leave! ――emergency escape!」

“O-Ok-desu emergency escape!」(TL: maybe there’s a pun, I don’t get itりょ、了解です! ――緊急脱出!)

With a cry like sound, bashun, the figure of me vanished.

Wha-what was that. Looking at another person’s face like seeing a monster that was rude.

Looking at the mirror that was placed at the entrance. It was just a man with unshaved face

“A witch, and instant movement……I really summoned into another world”

But I, Toshigai without anything, I was also or have been thrilled with this status quo.